Equipment: UV Disinfection

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It’s common knowledge that the world’s water supply is deteriorating at a rapid pace. Since 1949, Aquafine Corporation has stepped in with its expert knowledge of ultraviolet water treatment systems to give people better water supply for a variety of uses.

From processing water for food and beverage consumption to aquaculture for fish hatcheries and shellfish cultures, Aquafine has the environmentally-safe products to handle it all. With its ability to manufacture and market a line of UV water treatment equipment, Aquafine can engage the changing requirements of water treatment systems around the world and meet the many needs of a variety of customers.

Based in Valencia, CA., Aquafine is the world’s premiere manufacturer of UV water treatment systems. The state-of-the-art facility and its UV technology make it the obvious choice for its solutions for chlorine and chloramine destruction, TOC reduction, disinfection in both industrial and commercial markets as well as ozone destruction. View more information about UV solutions with Aquafine .

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