Equipment: Biogas

IPM Dynamics represents manufacturers that can collect, clean, hold and safely handle biogas before moving it on to its ultimate use. Our focus here where possible is to provide for a useful biogas product that can be used to return energy and efficiency back to the plant.

Applied Filter

Applied Filter Technology

Applied Filter Technology (AFT) helps deliver biogas conditioning solutions to even the most complex problems. It was in 1996, that the company’s founder, Paul Tower, developed applied filter technology.

In the past 15 years, AFT has created a list of revolutionary products that deal with silxane removal, compression issues, moisture removal, sulfur removal, filtering of non-methane volatiles, carbon dioxide removal, packaged plants, full system process and bio gas testing and engineering.

Since inception, AFT has gone on to create some of the most fine tuned and customized bio gas-to-energy systems in the world. From manufacturers, municipalities, consultants and energy companies, they all want AFT. The Washington-based company is an industry leader and known for its conditioning and recouping waste stream bio gas capabilities. AFT always keeps the objective for their customers who desire clean power generation and an increase to their bottom line. Read more about the products and services at Applied Filter Technology.

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CBI Walker

For more than 50 years CBI Walker has been a superior provider of wastewater and water clarification, filtration, and digestion solutions.

It’s a far cry from its roots in the bridge planning and construction business, but what has made it so successful is their innovation to change. Some of its top solutions for treatments include: the Claricone solids contact clarifier, FiltraCone modular water treatment plants, Decelerating-Flo filters and the Egg-Shaped anaerobic digesters.

The company first started out in the design and construction of bridges and was called the Chicago Bridge & Iron Company, in 1889.  Like any progress, the company has grown and with its acquisitions in the past ten years, CBI has now expanded its service line to include the top manufacturing providers in the world.  Read more about CBI Walker.

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JDV Equipment

JDV Equipment Corporation provides screw conveyors, screening and digester gas handline equipment and services for wastewater treatment, water treatment and industrial and agricultural applications in an environmentally friendly way.

This makes JDV a leading manufacturer of top of the line products and services. For more than 50 years, the company has been helping customers resolve everyday dilemmas finding safe ways to sustain environments with water and wastewater treatment.

Located in New Jersey, JDV has focused on its service before, during and after a system is in place. The core of the business is handling equipment and services and JDV needs the best suppliers to do this. It was in the beginning that JDV incorporated the Carter Anaerobic and Water Treatment product lines. Read more about JDV.

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OCECO has been producing the highest quality of safety equipment for waste gas disposal and flammable liquid storage systems for more than six decades.

OCECO stands for Oil Conservation Engineering Company. With impressive safety, durability and performance records, OCECO has earned a reputation around the world as a leader in gas safety equipment solutions. When it comes to waste water treatment systems, the company gives users a full line of safety equipment in order to handle waste gas disposal and fire prevention. Many companies have maintenance, monitoring and service requirements when dealing with flash fires and waste gas disposal. OCECO can provide the necessary tools to help these facilities run efficiently and trouble free.

The Cleveland, Ohio company initially supplied tank fitting and venting equipment and was the first to do so. The company has had different ownership since its beginnings in 1921. OCECO was bought out by Johnston and Jennings Company and then, after World War II, Pettibone Corporation purchased the company. Shortly after that, the company decided to call the line of products, as well as the company, OCECO once again. Today, OCECO is owned by a group of employees who purchased the business in 1986. The organization is world renowned in a variety of markets and supplies a large offering of equipment. Read more about OCECO.

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WesTech Engineering provides a complete array of water, waste water and process equipment for industrial applications, from engineering and manufacturing of individual equipment items to the supply of complete turnkey systems.

WesTech Engineering provides a complete array of water, waste water and process equipment for industrial applications, from engineering and manufacturing of individual equipment items to the supply of complete turnkey systems. At its most basic level WesTech is a solids/liquids separation company with a range of equipment solutions including clarifiers, dissolved air flotation cells, membranes, multi-media filters, thickeners, and much more.  At a more complex level WesTech can provide a complete raw water or wastewater treatment system including all necessary treatment equipment, piping, controls, pumps, dewatering, and chemical feed equipment.  By using its staff experience and passion to problem solve, WesTech gives advancements in water technologies that can also offer benefits to humanity and society, too.

As an employee-owned company, WesTech believes it has a different level of commitment to the customer and the product. In 1972, just after the Clean Water Act was passed by Congress a group of engineers found World Environmental Services and Technologies. Today, that company is known as WesTech Engineering. Read more about WesTech and its beneficial products.

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