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OCECO has been producing the highest quality of safety equipment for waste gas disposal and flammable liquid storage systems for more than six decades.

OCECO stands for Oil Conservation Engineering Company. With impressive safety, durability and performance records, OCECO has earned a reputation around the world as a leader in gas safety equipment solutions. When it comes to waste water treatment systems, the company gives users a full line of safety equipment in order to handle waste gas disposal and fire prevention. Many companies have maintenance, monitoring and service requirements when dealing with flash fires and waste gas disposal. OCECO can provide the necessary tools to help these facilities run efficiently and trouble free.

The Cleveland, Ohio company initially supplied tank fitting and venting equipment and was the first to do so. The company has had different ownership since its beginnings in 1921. OCECO was bought out by Johnston and Jennings Company and then, after World War II, Pettibone Corporation purchased the company. Shortly after that, the company decided to call the line of products, as well as the company, OCECO once again. Today, OCECO is owned by a group of employees who purchased the business in 1986. The organization is world renowned in a variety of markets and supplies a large offering of equipment. Read more about OCECO.

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