Equipment: Custom Engineered Process


Bateman Engineered Technologies

Bateman Engineered Technologies is an industry leader for supplying milling equipment, technology and services the mining industry.

Bateman has offices in South Africa, India, Australia and Canada. For more information on the products at Bateman go to

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CBI Walker

For more than 50 years CBI Walker has been a superior provider of wastewater and water clarification, filtration, and digestion solutions.

It’s a far cry from its roots in the bridge planning and construction business, but what has made it so successful is their innovation to change. Some of its top solutions for treatments include: the Claricone solids contact clarifier, FiltraCone modular water treatment plants, Decelerating-Flo filters and the Egg-Shaped anaerobic digesters.

The company first started out in the design and construction of bridges and was called the Chicago Bridge & Iron Company, in 1889.  Like any progress, the company has grown and with its acquisitions in the past ten years, CBI has now expanded its service line to include the top manufacturing providers in the world.  Read more about CBI Walker.

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For turnkey biogas and geosynthetic liner solutions, Environmental Fabrics (EFI) is your best bet.

EFI (Environmental Fabrics) creates, fabricates and then installs their revolutionary solutions that are completed dedicated to eliminating the negative ecological impact, rising operational efficiency and the promotion of customer profitability. On a global scale, Efi-Thermafab’s specialization of biogas applications for various greenhouse gas emission reduction projects relies on top-tier manufacturing representatives.

A collaboration of environment construction, civil engineering and product manufacturing made this company in 1993. Its three partners, and their more than 50 years of experience, allow Environment Fabrics to offer solutions from the ground up with design, fabrication and installation. Read more about EFI projects.

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Entex is invested in clean water environment. The company offers a superior choice in waste water treatment solutions specializing in fixed film biological processes.

Utilizing both of these systems gives Entex the best of the best solutions to effectively address a facility’s space constraints as well as any budgetary concerns. As more customers are choosing to demand high quality systems with an increased plant capacity, Entex is there.

With more than 40 years of experience, Entex experts have been a part of several IFAS and MBBR installations. These projects are built on professional designs, seamless executions and very happy customers. The company’s BioWeb media is utilized in many waste water system upgrades, no matter the size, for municipal and industrial. For more information on Entex, go to

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Specializing in integrated anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic processes as well as SBR’s and BNR process, Fluidyne is an industry leader that is recognized all over the world.

This company has been supplying wastewater process equipment and the technology to back it for more than two decades with hundreds of installations around the globe. Fluidyne has set the bar as an innovator of technology because of its development of ISAM, SAM, JAC-oxidation ditch and Hydro-Grit technologies.

From start to finish, Fluidyne has the ability to handle every aspect of developing wastewater treatment facilities. With its complete process equipment and controls for any size treatment plant, Fluidyne can provide everything for the complete wastewater treatment system. Learn  more about Fluidyne.

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ISS – Integrated Separation Solutions

Integrated Separation Solutions, or ISS, is an industry leader in resolving recovery issues for water, process and wastewater as well as boiler and WFI quality.

ISS offers manufacturing, installation, engineering and after installation maintenance services. The company has the ability to service waste treatment equipment for a variety of industrial markets that are in need of purified water. Membrane systems, softening, demineralization, filtration and degasification are just a few of the more well-known solutions that ISS has designed and manufactured.

ISS is located in Sharon, WI, and has more than 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This enormous facility is what gives the company the ability to design, build and then install some of the highest-quality systems in the most cost-effective way. Read more about ISS products.

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JDV Equipment

JDV Equipment Corporation provides screw conveyors, screening and digester gas handline equipment and services for wastewater treatment, water treatment and industrial and agricultural applications in an environmentally friendly way.

This makes JDV a leading manufacturer of top of the line products and services. For more than 50 years, the company has been helping customers resolve everyday dilemmas finding safe ways to sustain environments with water and wastewater treatment.

Located in New Jersey, JDV has focused on its service before, during and after a system is in place. The core of the business is handling equipment and services and JDV needs the best suppliers to do this. It was in the beginning that JDV incorporated the Carter Anaerobic and Water Treatment product lines. Read more about JDV.

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Merrick Industries

Merrick Industries provides everything for bulk dry chemical storage, weighing and feeding systems. Since 1908, they have been serving the feeder and belt scale companies of the world.

It is also a leading innovator of weighing and weigh feeding. With a reputation for superior design and manufacturing capabilities, Merrick provides high-quality material handling products. The company has a variety of products including gravimetric feeders, conveyor belt scales, flow meter applications, metering systems,volumetric feeders, slakers, and silo systems.

For more than a century, the company’s founder, Herbert Merrick’s invention of  the weighing machine has paved the way for its success. He may not have realized it at the time but he fundamentally changed the way the world measures material flow. Read more about Merrick’s products.

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Midwestern Fabricators

Midwestern Fabricators offers a variety of custom designed FRP products and services for many different industries like waste water treatment, water treatment and odor control.

With more than 61 certifications for specific applications, Midwestern Fabricators(MWF) depends on premier supplies to both design and install engineering services for product applications. Many of MWF products are unique and custom built for the customer. Because the customer is so important, MWF boasts about its high level of customer service. MWF remains competitive in the fiberglass reinforced plastics market and provides duct work, pressure piping, tanks, troughs and cover systems for several industries.

MFW is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and aims to provide an effective and efficient product to meet all requirements. Not only is MFW able to give customers the best product possible but at a very affordable price. Read more about Midwestern Fabricators services and products.

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MRI logo

MRI – Meurer Research

Meurer Research (MRI) gives water and waste water treatment facilities the solution they need to tackle even the most complex challenges.

MRI focuses on its plate settler and sludge collector technologies designed and manufactured entirely in Golden, CO.  With superior performance standards, Meurer has specific systems for increasing the clarifier capacity, maximizing solid removal, fine tuning pre-treatment systems and improving flow management. With more than 50 patents, Meurer has both foreign and domestic customers and has performed over 5,000 installations. There are a wide range of solutions that optimize the water and waste water treatment industry with advancements like MRI BIO-CEL® MBR, inclined plate settlers, Hoseless Cable-Vac™ Sludge Collector, ultra-scraper, mix & match Flocculation Systems™, time machine pilot systems, and package plants

Meurer’s Colorado operation features a 30,000-square-foot facility designed exclusively for manufacturing and marketing products for water and waste water treatments. The line of products at Meurer are created for the customer in mind and begin with years of experience from the in-house research and development team of engineers. The products are tested with computational fluid dynamics, test tanks and simulators. No matter the specifications, Meurer can build it. Learn more about the products at Meurer.

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Nelson Enviromental Logo

Nelson Environmental

Nelson Environmental offers effective and affordable water and waste water treatment solutions specializing in lagoon optimization. The company’s primary focus is on the OPTAER lagoon process.

Nelson has a solid reputation on researching and developing technologies set for cold temperatures. That, coupled with years of experience in lagoon and pond-based project applications, has positioned them as an industry leader. Nelson is able to optimize and restore the existing water and waste water treatment facility infrastructure. As a complete solution provider, the company does more than just manufacture equipment. Customer service is at the top of the list and Nelson has the capabilities to offer a diverse mix of methodologies, technology and expertise in this much needed industry.

In the past decade, the company has installed more than 150 water and waste water treatment projects. Of those projects, more than 95 percent were turn key solutions that included equipment supply, design and installation. Nelson Environmental is dedicated to the development of integrated waste water treatment technologies and designs that maintain the low capital and operation and maintenance costs of the original stabilization and aerated lagoon concepts, while achieving the effluent quality performance of “high-tech” advanced treatment facilities.  Learn more about Nelson Environmental today.

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Schwing Bioset

Schwing Bioset, or SBI, provides quality services and products for high solids pumping and fluid bed drying solutions used in mining, waste water and other markets where there is a need for industrial grade solutions.

There is a certain customizing that goes along with the engineering at SBI and customers can expect to receive specialized installations and applications in many sectors. Facilities like mines, pharmaceuticals, refineries and waste water treatment plants can really take advantage of SBI offerings. The benefits are the ambition to improve methodologies and techniques of the existing solutions as well as the diversity and engineering applied to each and every application.

In 2006 Schwing Bioset separated itself from Schwing America’s material handling division. Forming this new company in Somerset, WI., and adding a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility, SBI is now home to the highest quality of engineering and manufacturing. Read more about SBI.

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Severn Trent Services Logo

Severn Trent Services – Tetra

TETRA® is one of the most trusted names in drinking water and wastewater filters. Biological Wastewater Treatment Biofiltration is a biological wastewater treatment technology used in municipal, steel, and chemical manufacturing facilities, solid waste processing plants, composting operations, and rendering plants. Biological systems use microorganisms that consume and destroy organic compounds as a food source. […]

TETRA® is one of the most trusted names in drinking water and wastewater filters.

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Biofiltration is a biological wastewater treatment technology used in municipal, steel, and chemical manufacturing facilities, solid waste processing plants, composting operations, and rendering plants. Biological systems use microorganisms that consume and destroy organic compounds as a food source. TETRA biological filters and wastewater treatment systems are used for applications that require treatment including removal of BOD, ammonia, suspended solids and nitrate-nitrogen. The major benefits of this system are that it allows a sewage treatment installation in nitrogen sensitive areas, where a conventional system may not be allowed.

Drinking Water Filters

In gravity filters, the underdrain is one of the most important components contributing to overall system performance and operation — whether a new filter design or retrofitting of an existing filter. Severn Trent Services offers TETRA LP Blocks™ dual parallel lateral underdrain and the TETRA U Blocks™ underdrain for drinking water and desalination pre-treatment applications.

Tertiary and Wastewater Treatment Systems

The key to the success of any wastewater program is to employ technology capable of producing advanced wastewater treatment plant effluent that is safe and cost effective. Tertiary filtration and disinfection of secondary effluents are the acceptable and prevailing technologies for meeting this challenge. The need for water resource management program coupled with the occurrence of more stringent water quality standards governing treated wastewater either for disposal/discharge, reuse or reclamation places significant importance on the use of TETRA DeedBed, Denite® and NSAF filters to successfully produce quality advanced wastewater treatment plant effluents. Severn Trent Services offers the TETRA T Block® and TETRA SNAP T® underdrain filters for wastewater applications. Their proven designs provide superior distribution for both water and air, separately or concurrently.

Read more today about Severn Trent Services  Tetra products.

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Smith & Loveless

Smith & Loveless delivers products for water and wastewater treatment and pumping systems that are energy efficient and cost effective.

With a core focus on wet well mounted solids handling lift stations and packaged aerobic wastewater treatment systems, the company has performed thousands of installations across seven continents and in more than 70 countries. Smith & Loveless aims at making the world a better place by putting focus on the environment with its products and services. As an industry leader, Smith & Loveless is known in many markets as the go-to technology supplier of pump and pump stations, head works, waste water treatment, membrane bioreactors, filtration systems and mineral recovery. The products at Smith & Loveless have set the bar for systems in municipalities, governmental and military facilities. There is an unmatched quality to the products at Smith & Loveless and there is a definite need for a premier supplier to do so.

B. Alden Smith and Compere Loveless started their company in 1946. It first started as a sales engineering firm that represented only a handful of waste water manufacturers. The duo saw a need for factory assembled pump stations very early on which is the basis of their success. Smith & Loveless are always seeking patents on their inventions. The company has more than 60 active U.S. patents with foreign patents in 15 other countries, several applications pending and more than 25 foreign and domestic trademarks. Read more about Smith and Loveless.

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Statiflo International

Statiflo International is an industry leader when it comes to development and the applications of static mixers and other technology.

The English company has thousands of customers in a variety of industries in more than 80 countries.

Some of those customized projects include laminar flow heat exchangers, steam spargers and gas dispersion systems. There isn’t an industry that Statiflo hasn’t worked with. Statiflo has applied processes for desalination, oil and gas, nuclear, food, pharmaceutical, water and waste water treatment facilities.

While Statiflo is headquartered in Mansfield, England, there are corporate offices in Gummersbach, Germany, Dalton, MA., Ontario, Canada and even a new partner in Australia. Learn more about Statiflo.

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WesTech Engineering provides a complete array of water, waste water and process equipment for industrial applications, from engineering and manufacturing of individual equipment items to the supply of complete turnkey systems.

WesTech Engineering provides a complete array of water, waste water and process equipment for industrial applications, from engineering and manufacturing of individual equipment items to the supply of complete turnkey systems. At its most basic level WesTech is a solids/liquids separation company with a range of equipment solutions including clarifiers, dissolved air flotation cells, membranes, multi-media filters, thickeners, and much more.  At a more complex level WesTech can provide a complete raw water or wastewater treatment system including all necessary treatment equipment, piping, controls, pumps, dewatering, and chemical feed equipment.  By using its staff experience and passion to problem solve, WesTech gives advancements in water technologies that can also offer benefits to humanity and society, too.

As an employee-owned company, WesTech believes it has a different level of commitment to the customer and the product. In 1972, just after the Clean Water Act was passed by Congress a group of engineers found World Environmental Services and Technologies. Today, that company is known as WesTech Engineering. Read more about WesTech and its beneficial products.

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When it comes to both primary and tertiary treatment, WWETCO has products developed for the combination of sewer overflow. This new and innovative process is a way to compress media filtration.

When it comes to both primary and tertiary treatment, WWETCO has products developed for the combination of sewer overflow. This new and innovative process is a way to compress media filtration. WWETCO has versatile technology with environmental benefits. There are two products that have been developed and patented, one of which is the Flow Control device. This particular product allows for the higher rate and higher performance treatment of municipal wet weather flows

The founders of WWETCO have at least six decades of experience between them when it comes to environmental engineering services. Having this professional team working on projects will give customers the needed ability to meet those EPA requirements for in-stream water quality standards. Georgia-based WWETCO started in 1996 as a simple engineering and consulting business. It was in 2010 that Westech Engineering purchased WWETCO. Learn more about WWETCO.

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