Have an industrial challenge with water, pumping, power or processing? Consider it solved.

Innovative ideas and answers. Great relationships. Unmatched reliability and a unique sense of knowhow. IPM Dynamics is a team of certified sales professionals dedicated to providing solutions for industrial water and process needs.

The IPM Dynamics team represents high-quality equipment manufacturers from across the Engineering-News Record list of top firms, and brings a diverse and sought-after blend of chemical engineering, design and technical experience to every challenge. IPM Dynamics will work with you on a personal level, using expert-level knowledge and manufacturer relationships to develop a customized solution to your equipment specifications, processes and budget - from process development, procurement, fabrication and construction.

Our goal is to help industries meet their unique needs or regulatory needs in industries including (but not limited to):

  • Water/wastewater treatment
  • Pumping
  • Solids/liquids separation
  • Bulk material handling
  • Power process needs
  • Mining
  • Chemical feed solutions
  • Food processing
  • Featured Manufacturer


    WesTech Engineering offers intelligent solutions that have made it an industry leader in the development of effective solutions for water technology, the food and beverage industry and many others... Read More

  • A Snapshot of our Success


    IPM Dynamics helped a well-known Kansas beef processor when their existing aeration system, made of EPDM material, was being attacked by aggressive wastewater being fed into the basins – leading to membrane creep and serious aeration inefficiency. Read more