Equipment: Generator Packages

IPM Dynamics represents or has access to multiple sources of generators as well as noise attenuated and weather protected generator enclosure packages.


Precision Systems

A simple product created more than 35 years ago has been the foundation Precision Systems was built on.

The original Power-Pac was developed and manufactured in the early 1970s as a fiberglass enclosure designed protect a power generator from the elements and reduce noise output . Because the Power-Pac has been so successful, Precision has been able to develop other products that are easy to install and maintain, offer numerous benefits to customers and give users a long-term quality product.

Located in the suburbs of Chicago, Il., Precision Systems has been designing, manufacturing and implementing mechanical and electrical systems for more than three decades. With plenty of experience, Precision offers customers in municipal water and waste water industries the ability to sustain on generator applications with little work. Learn more about generators at Precision Systems.

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