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Applied Filter

Applied Filter Technology

Applied Filter Technology (AFT) helps deliver biogas conditioning solutions to even the most complex problems. It was in 1996, that the company’s founder, Paul Tower, developed applied filter technology.

In the past 15 years, AFT has created a list of revolutionary products that deal with silxane removal, compression issues, moisture removal, sulfur removal, filtering of non-methane volatiles, carbon dioxide removal, packaged plants, full system process and bio gas testing and engineering.

Since inception, AFT has gone on to create some of the most fine tuned and customized bio gas-to-energy systems in the world. From manufacturers, municipalities, consultants and energy companies, they all want AFT. The Washington-based company is an industry leader and known for its conditioning and recouping waste stream bio gas capabilities. AFT always keeps the objective for their customers who desire clean power generation and an increase to their bottom line. Read more about the products and services at Applied Filter Technology.

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