Equipment: Lagoon Liners and Treatment Systems



For turnkey biogas and geosynthetic liner solutions, Environmental Fabrics (EFI) is your best bet.

EFI (Environmental Fabrics) creates, fabricates and then installs their revolutionary solutions that are completed dedicated to eliminating the negative ecological impact, rising operational efficiency and the promotion of customer profitability. On a global scale, Efi-Thermafab’s specialization of biogas applications for various greenhouse gas emission reduction projects relies on top-tier manufacturing representatives.

A collaboration of environment construction, civil engineering and product manufacturing made this company in 1993. Its three partners, and their more than 50 years of experience, allow Environment Fabrics to offer solutions from the ground up with design, fabrication and installation. Read more about EFI projects.

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Nelson Enviromental Logo

Nelson Environmental

Nelson Environmental offers effective and affordable water and waste water treatment solutions specializing in lagoon optimization. The company’s primary focus is on the OPTAER lagoon process.

Nelson has a solid reputation on researching and developing technologies set for cold temperatures. That, coupled with years of experience in lagoon and pond-based project applications, has positioned them as an industry leader. Nelson is able to optimize and restore the existing water and waste water treatment facility infrastructure. As a complete solution provider, the company does more than just manufacture equipment. Customer service is at the top of the list and Nelson has the capabilities to offer a diverse mix of methodologies, technology and expertise in this much needed industry.

In the past decade, the company has installed more than 150 water and waste water treatment projects. Of those projects, more than 95 percent were turn key solutions that included equipment supply, design and installation. Nelson Environmental is dedicated to the development of integrated waste water treatment technologies and designs that maintain the low capital and operation and maintenance costs of the original stabilization and aerated lagoon concepts, while achieving the effluent quality performance of “high-tech” advanced treatment facilities.  Learn more about Nelson Environmental today.

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